From the name, we can already know that this plant is a large plant or 'Monster', and the most identical to its leaves which are quite strange or unique, the natural leaf shape is like torn or hollow, which is what causes many people to choose this plant as an ornamental plant. in the room of the house. In addition to its unique shape, Monstera can also be used to increase oxygen in the room.


This plant is a tropical forest plant from the Araceae family, native to Central America, from Mexico to Panama, and the most famous and widely cultivated as an ornamental plant is Monstera deliciosa. Monstera is a vine species, even in its natural habitat it can grow very large up to 20 meters. This plant thrives in low light and is not directly exposed to light. A suitable temperature is around 18 ° C - 30 ° C, and is best in a room with high humidity or humidity. And for watering can be done once a week and regularly given fertilizer.


But it should be noted behind its beauty, that this plant is poisonous, especially the fruit. The fruit sap contains oxalic acid which is very dangerous if consumed by humans.


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